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I’m Betsy Sinsapaugh of WizdomWorks. I use the power of stories to educate, entertain, and inspire listeners young and older.

This site offers a sample of the programs I have had the pleasure and honor of providing to thousands of children, young adults, professionals, families and adults throughout the Mid-Hudson region and beyond.

The stories and programs have been carefully crafted and tempered by more than 20 years of professional experience, personal growth, and life’s lessons. My goal now is to share the wisdom of the stories with you.

You can choose from an existing program or I can create a program tailored to your organization’s needs, so please feel free to contact me with your request.

Use the navigation at right to find topics or programs that speak to your need. Or, scroll down to read about my recent programs and events.

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Who is Betsy Sinsapaugh?

Story Teller -- Story Teacher

Betsy has been telling stories for more than twenty years. She believes in the power of stories to inspire and educate.

As a trained social worker, Betsy has used storytelling in her substance abuse prevention practice with individuals and groups, kids and adults, parents and professionals.

As an entertainer, she captures your imagination, your heart, and your funny-bone.

As an educator, she guides you through life's lessons and explores life's tough choices with you. She can help you learn to tell your own story -- to yourself and to others.

And, as a colleague, she can teach you to use the power of stories in your own practice.

How to Tell Your Story

Storytelling can help you strengthen your confidence, enhance your personal power, and promote healing. This workshop* will teach you to transform your personal experience into a story through twelve easy activities.

As a certified WHEEL trainer, Betsy is proud to offer this workshop for teens and adults. (WHEEL is Wholistic Health Education and Empowerment for Life.)

Participants will:

  • Understand the hero/heroine journey and recognize its stages
  • Increase self-awareness through artwork and imagery
  • Become more comfortable with storytelling
  • Understand archetypes and basic story structure
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with archetypes
  • Leave with a new personal story and a deeper appreciation for storytelling.

* This workshop requires a minimum of 7 hours to complete. It can be scheduled to suit your training needs. Individual workbooks are required.

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Use the Power of Story for Prevention

The Boyhood of Raleigh by Sir John Everett Mil...Image via WikipediaThis workshop series discusses and demonstrates the power of the spoken work for prevention work. If you are a prevention specialist, teacher, youth worker, or concerned about substance abuse prevention, this workshop will provide you both information and experiential exercises that you can duplicate in a classroom or group setting.

The first component focuses on:
  • Storytelling as an art form
  • The “inner workings” of story
  • Stories and the unconscious mind
  • Storytelling and resiliency
  • The role of the listener
  • Relationship between storyteller & listener
  • Telling your stories and finding your voice

The second component focuses on:
  • Program Design
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up activities
  • Sample stories
  • Story selection
  • Tips for effective telling
  • Pitfalls to avoid
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Learning how to soar… On borrowed hope

This workshop offers a unique blend of personal narrative and resiliency training. Life can be full of challenges and obstacles which do not have to “destroy” us or the possibilities ahead.

Betsy shares a selection of her life struggles and lessons learned. She teaches potent tools that contribute to resiliency and can bring self-empowerment and emotional health.

Spirit Food

Images of beauty from Hasht-Behesht palace in ...Image via Wikipedia

Betsy has a number of stories from different cultures, traditions, and sources that can speak to the spirit or heart of those in your congregation or organization.

Please contact Betsy to discuss the thematic content that will address your objectives and she will craft the perfect program to address your needs.

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Tapping the Teller Within

Space suit from Apollo 11 moonwalkImage via Wikipedia

This fun, interactive workshop is for teachers, educators, and other professionals interested in developing basic storytelling skills.

As human beings, we are “storied creatures.” Our daily lives are filled with stories… Learn to use storytelling as a powerful tool for teaching, in the helping professions, and in business, too.

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Lucinda and Grace

An original story program illustrating the issue of self-abandonment, the journey to self-forgiveness, and self-love. (Good for women and LGBTQ)
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Journey Back to Spirit

quartzImage via Wikipedia

This inspirational program addresses the awesome process of “coming to and coming to believe.”

Spiritual recovery is an important aspect of the healing process. Betsy will share personal stories of her spiritual journey, the Mystery encountered along the way, and the joy experienced within this “reunion.”

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Faces of Addiction, Faces of Hope

This is an interactive and creative workshop for those in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

This program includes a unique combination of story and creative arts designed to “put a face” on your clients' struggles and their hopes for the journey ahead.

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Women's Story Works

This singular story workshop may include a performance component. Details to follow.

Women's Story Circle

Join us for a Women's Story Circle this fall and winter. Details be announced.

Build Personal Strength Through Story and Imagery

Experience a unique blend of story, guided imagery, creative expression, and the power of your own imagination.

Journey to other places and times... leave life’s stress behind.

Explore colorful images that spark imagination and creativity.

Utilize healing images
to create meaningful artwork that illustrates personal awareness and connection.

Through relaxing guided imagery, Betsy will lead you to a magical place and explore the symbols of personal strength you experience. Each person will use these images to create a “Symbol Wheel,” which will serve as a visual reminder of the lessons learned and insight gained.

The Mythic Path to Resiliency & Understanding

This experiential workshop will demonstrate how the classic hero/heroine journey framework provides understanding and tools to teach resiliency skills.

Be prepared to hear a story or two… shaped from personal life experience and crafted into modern-day teaching tales. During our time together, we will walk the mythic path and explore how it mirrors our current journey. See how it can be utilized with youth and adults to re-frame their life experiences, and teach resiliency and other life skills.

Contact Betsy

You can contact me, Betsy, by email or call me at: [phone number].

I'd love to share some of my stories with you or your organization, so give me a call.